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We're a small but effective, highly creative team with love for music for all genres, dedicated to giving independent artists the sound they desire. We've become the No.1 mixing platform for the people.


With our team of experts, and indsutry standrad plugin-ins, we'll have you sounding like a pro


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Simply send files, we'll send you an uncompressed WAV file ready to share with confidence

Unlimited changes

Want us to make a tweak? No problem, with unlimited revisions we'll be happy to go back and make changes.

Why work with us?

Mastermixx saves you around £150 per song compared to traditional mixing and mastering services.

We're loved by many artists across the U.K. With expansion plans soon to be put in place, we'll be going global.

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Go-to service for our customers. Offering clean, clear and crisp vocals that cut through the beat and stand out